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What is Physie?

Physie is a form of dance and exercise to music. Classes are by age group and each age group learns 5-6 new routines each year. The routines are choreographed to contemporary music and are a cross section of different styles of dance such as aerobics, ballet, jazz and hip hop.

There are many benefits of being a Physie girl.  Physie builds confidence, develops posture, improves coordination, increases flexibility and keeps you fit.

Physie Competitions are held in the later part of the year at an individual and team level. Competitions are not compulsory, however, at Balgowlah Physie, every effort is made to include every girl in a team. Being a part of a Physie team is fun and teaches our girls to work together.

The best way to understand what Physie is all about, is to trial a lesson.  Balgowlah Physie offers 2 lessons obligation free, so if you would like to watch or join in on a lesson, please give our club secretary, Belinda Clare-Nazer a call on 0410 490 511.

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Physie is a fusion of dance and sport that empowers girls for life. Watch Brooke’s story…

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